Monday, November 1, 2010

New project about helping others

Our reading story this week is about Thanksgiving. We are all thankful for lots of things that we have at home, school, and everywhere. We want to share some of our things with others. Ms. Cade is going to fill shoeboxes with stuff. One box for a boy and one box for a girl in another country. If you want to help, send in something small that will fit in a shoebox and send it in by Friday, November 5. The boxes will be sent overseas to children who are in need. In social studies, we are talking about heros and what heros do. This is a way for us to be a small hero for someone else.

The boys suggest: finger skateboards, match box cars, small footballs, or food or candy that can't melt.

The girls suggest silly bands, dolls, hairbows, silly rings, crayons, coloring books, or bubble gum.

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