Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Toymakers make better toys every year. Some are faster and some are louder. Some are even smarter! How would you makeyour favorite toy better?

Phoebe would add roller skates to a rocking horse.
Caleb would add deer horns to a hat.
Jeffrey would put deer horns all over a motorcycle.
Hannah would dress her Bratz doll prettier.
Shelby would make her stuffed animal real.
Peyton would drive his train after he made it real.
Kendra would put basketball on her Wii.
Victoria would put more makeup on her iCarly doll.
Ethan would make his Star Wars toys talk.
Mikey would add rockets to his dirtbike.
Macy would add the cutest case to her Ipod.
Sarah would dress up a baby doll as Santa.
Logan would paint his Bop-It blue.
Isaac would make his little trucks real.
Brandon would have a mini driver for his remote controlled Mustang.
Avery would put two jets on the side of his truck to make it go faster.
Scotty would add new games to his game system.
Riley would want her laptop to change colors.
Michaela would like her toy gun to be real.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Things We Excel At

Things We Excel At


Phoebe - Jenga
Peyton - Riding my bike
Avery - Popping wheelies
Ethan - Video games
Riley - Wii
Macy - Rock Band drums
Logan - Bop-It
Michaela - Walking a dog
Hannah - Taking care of my dog
Jeffrey - Tackle Football
Mikey - wheelies on the dirt bike
Kendra - Riding my bike
Sarah - Catching ball
Scotty - Cleaning
Caleb - video games
Brandon - soccer
Ms. Cade - Guitar Hero

At School
Brandon - spelling
Caleb - gym
Scotty - work
Sarah - art
Kendra - Reading
Mikey - art
Jeffrey - fitness lab
Hannah - computer
Michaela - reading
Logan - gym
Macy - monkey bars
Riley - art
Ethan - math
Avery - gym
Peyton - gym
Phoebe - math
Ms. Cade - teaching (the class picked)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What are some ways we can teach each other things? Macy said that you could tutor someone. Michaela says that you can research a subject then tell people about it. Jeffrey wants to use the computer to learn things to tell others. Kendra will share a book with someone. Peyton explains that teachers can tell students things about the world. Ethan will help by sharing information and instructions. Caleb says that you can share information by using the phone.