Monday, April 30, 2012

Spelling words for Two Bad Ants

This weeks spelling words are really difficult.  Study hard guys.

leadership       ownership

gracefully       unacceptable

refreshment   impossibly

uncomfortable   reappeared

overdoing       unprepared

remarkable     oncoming

carefully    misbehaving

unbearably      outrageous

independence  disadvantage


TCAP testing is over.  NOW the crazy days start.  This week our plans are to celebrate how awesome we did on the TCAP with tie-dye and ice-cream on Tuesday.  Thursday is the Jet Fuel party to celebrate great behavior.  Friday we are going on a field trip.  And that is only this week.  Next week brings track, talent show, and mother's day projects.  Before you know it we will be out of school.  Everyone hang on!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spelling Words for Statue of Liberty

So here are the spelling words for this week.  I have also linked to spelling city.  Study hard!!

few        bookmark    school      balloon
true       suit           goose      chew
fruit       glue          cookie     Tuesday
cushion    bushel        noodle     bamboo
barefoot   mildew       renewal   soothe