Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

Today we will read about a holiday celebration. We will read about what a group of animals does on Thanksgiving day. What do you usually do on Thanksgiving?
Jeffrey celebrates by decorating the table and eating turkey. Brandon's family has a really big celebration with a lot of food. Riley's family goes to her grandmother's house and they bring food to eat. Hannah's family eats turkey and then plays outside. Shelby's family goes to the cabin for Thanksgiving. Isaac's family decorates the house with turkeys. Peyton's family goes to his grandma's house and then he rides his scooter. Kendra's family goes to her uncle's house. Scotty's family goes to his mamaw's and papaw's house. Michaela spends time with her family. After Ethan's family eats, he and his cousins go outside to play. He likes to see who can roll down the hill the fastest. Phoebe's family goes to Fatz for Thanksgiving.

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